3 things from my kitchen I couldn’t live without

This post has come about after I was asked by Appliances Online (@apponline on Twitter) to write a review of some of my most used kitchen appliances. As you know I don’t usually write about appliances and white goods, so this has come as somewhat of a challenge, but I’m prepared to give it my best shot. So here goes.

First up is my Miele tumble dryer T7644c

This is probably my favourite ever kitchen purchase, I love my dryer. Our whole house would grind to a halt without this one piece of machinery.

Living in very wet wales, drying clothes on the line is nigh on impossible. Even on the hottest of days we’ll have a rain shower to cut through the heat, great for cooling things down but not so great for drying your clothes.

This is my 3rd tumble dryer, and the best of the lot. I always go for condenser dryers as I don’t want to mess around with vents or hoses. The T7644C is the quietest of the tumble dryers that I’ve had, and also the quickest drying one. My favourite feature is the electronic display which lets me know how much longer the drying is going to be, and also that when it’s finished it still periodically spins the clothes until I turn it off, to help minimise the creasing.

Next has to be the tumble dryers partner in crime, my Zanussi ZWG1140M washing machine

This washing machine is quite a recent purchase really, only about 6 months ago. Unfortunately i’ve already had to get the engineer out as it was kaput. However it turned out to be my own fault as i’d failed to remove some of those plastic fasteners that come on new shirts, and one got stuck in the filter. Happily it all got sorted quickly and easily, and was covered under the 1yr guarantee.

There are a few new features that I haven’t had on a washing machine before like the soil level selector (being able to say how dirty the clothes are), the ability to delay the start time, and the digital display letting you know beforehand how long the wash is going to take.

There is a super speedy quick wash option which only takes 24 minutes, and always gets my clothes clean when I’m in a real hurry.

Lastly it’s my Hotpoint Iced Diamond fridge freezer

This is my longest running kitchen appliance, I can’t remember how long we’ve had it but it’s around the 10 year mark. It’s near death, makes awful noises, always freezes even though it’s supposed to be frost free, and all the drawers are either broken or falling off, but it’s survived 2 house moves and served our family well.

It’s hard to think about the day when we finally get a new one, this one has always been there for me, standing to attention in the corner of my kitchen. It’s going to be weird, but it’s going to have to be done….and soon.

I’d love one of those American style fridge freezers, and have a lovely spot in my kitchen where I plan for one to go. The only problem is that you need to get those behemoths plumbed in somewhere, and I’ve not got a water supply close enough to facilitate this. If I could only overcome this problem I’d have my brand new shiny American giant, but until then I’ll just struggle on with my noisy icy faithful chum.

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