Top 5 Celebrity Pushchairs

If you’re looking to be seen whilst out pushing your little prince or princess, just asking to be stopped X number of times a day and asked where you got your amazing pushchair from, then, yes! –  you’ll need to get yourself one of these five fine show stopping strollers.

If your looking to impress the mums at the playground this year, just bag yourself one of these beauties and you’ll be in with the yummy mummies for life.

1) Mamas and Papas Urbo

If you’ve read the review here on Parentbuzz you can tell that i’m a big fan of the Urbo. It’s classy, uber stylish and very very heavy metal! But don’t just take my word for it, the Urbo has been seen out and about with celebrity mummies Jessica Taylor and Holly Willoughby, so that’s got to give you some kudos at the school gates.

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2) Orbit Infant Stroller System

Now this one is so exclusive that you can’t even get one here in the Uk you’ll need to import one.

Favoured by so many Hollywood celebs like Halle Berry, Nicole Ritchie, Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Garner, Jessica Alba, and Christine Aguilera to name just a few.

The Orbit is sure to get you noticed around town, and guaranteed to send your celebrity star rating into the stratosphere.

3) MacLaren Juicy Couture Stroller

One for the serious label lovers here, The Juicy Couture designed Maclaren. With this pushchair it’s not all style over substance. You not only get the wonderful styling, but the confidence that underneath all the branding you get a well designed pushchair by a very well respected brand like MacLaren.

If you do purchase this stroller, the optional footmuff with Chocolate Brown Faux Fur is compulsory in my opinion. It goes so well and adds another dimension. You also get to show off a big Juicy princess logo on the front because the other one gets obscured by babies head, why buy this buggy if you don’t want to show off the logo right?

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4) Mamas and Papas Mylo

Another contender from Mamas and Papas is their newest model, the Mylo.

Celebrity buggy aficionado Gwen Stefani is such a lover of Mamas and Papas that she was pushing it around town months before the rest of us mere mortals were allowed to get our mitts on one.

Well all that’s changed as it’s now available properly and all of us wannabe rockstars can have one too. If it’s good enough for Gwen it’s good enough for me!

The Mylo’s greatest assest is it’s highly customisable nature. Choose the colour of your seat, padding, basket and carrycot to design your own unique Mylo. So you can be sure that with the Mylo no other mums going to walk past you in the high street with the same stroller.

5) Concord Neo Carbon

The Concord Neo was the pushchair of choice for Coleen Rooney’s baby Kai, and it truly is one for the wannabe wags parade primarily because you could do with  a premership footballers wage to pay fot it.

At just under £1000 for the full set and even more for limited editions your not likely to find one of these around every street corner. So if your looking for the ultimate exclusive head turner I would say the Concord Neo is the way to go.

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