B.Sensible 2 in 1 Waterproof Fitted Sheet – Review

As any parent will attest to, the day when you have your toddler both day and night time potty trained is an amazing relief. Hopefully one day I’ll get to taste that sweet sense of victory too, but for a long time it seemed like the day would never come. I do now have faith that were moving forward in the right direction, and it’s all down to the new B.Sensible mat we’ve been testing out.

We’ve tried before with my little one just wearing pants to bed, but it always ends in tears. If theres no nappy just a few hours later we’ve got wet sheets and it’s a race against the clock to get them off before they soak the bed, and then theres getting him back to sleep after all of that midnight drama.

Well when the opportunity to review this new type of waterproof mat arose I just had to give it a chance – as I was losing hope to be honest.

So with the new mat to give him some much needed confidence and with the added incentive of Father Christmas being a very happy man if he managed to crack it before Christmas we gave it another shot.

The B.Sensible Mat is made from a 100% natural fibre called Tencel, which derives from eucalyptus trees and makes the sheets very soft to the touch. Unlike most waterproof mats you don’t get that squeaking or crunching sound when your fidgety toddler starts moving around, and the fitted sheet stays firmly around the corners of the bed. The mat almost instantly absorbs moisture, and within a few minutes it’s all locked inside and is dry to the touch again.

Well back to the testing, to say that things have improved would be a massive understatement. To be honest at first I thought I might have to test it out by pouring some water over it as Thomas was doing so well, We had 8 dry nights in a row straight way!! Then the inevitable accident accoured, and apart from a dent in Thomas’ ego we were all none the wiser until he woke up in the morning. The B.Sensible mat had done it’s job so well that Thomas didn’t even wake up. The mat was easily changed and popped in the washing machine, and thanks to the fact that it can be tumble dried it was ready and waiting for duty when bedtime came around again.

The nighttime training is a lengthy process but at last I at least feel like we’re getting somewhere. I don’t worry about the bed getting ruined anymore, and so we’re all more relaxed about the whole thing and I think that’s really contributing to Thomas’ success. There’s along way to go until we’ve cracked it, but I know in the end we will.

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