Bloom Fresco Fiamma High Chair

My two boys aren’t babies anymore, in fact my youngest who’s 2 is at that awkward age where they seem to think they can do everything before they actually can. Case in point is the highchair, We’ve just been on holiday  and a lot of the time we found it easier if he sat at the table and didn’t bother with asking for a highchair. Well the inevitable happened, because since we returned he’s thrown a huge tantrum at the mere sight of his highchair.

Now you may be able to cope without a highchair within the confines of restaurants cubicle seating, but trying to manage at home in a busy kitchen whilst cooking is a whole different proposition.

Maybe if we had one of these uber stylish Fresco Fiamma high chairs from Bloom Jacob would see things differently.

The Fiamma is a limited edition version of the design classic Fresco Loft. Adorned in the famous Ferrari Red and limited to just 1,100 pieces, the Fiamma is simply stunning to look at. I’m sure not even Jacob would turn his nose up at a highchair like this.

Importantly the Loft is one of the rare few highchairs I’ve seen suitable from newborn. Up until your child is 6 months old they lay resting in the chair in cradle mode.

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Thanks to the pneumatically assisted easy lift system, you can adjust your Fiamma all the way up to a maximum of 91cm. Perfect for egg and soldiers up at the breakfast bar! You can either use your highchair right up to the table, or use with the extra large foodtray. After breakfast just chuck the foodtray into the dishwasher along with the crockery, easy peasy.

Unfortunately at around £400 Jacob is not likely to be testing out the Fiamma anytime soon. However if I did have a beautifully stylish kitchen with breakfast bar (which I haven’t) then either the Fiamma or the Loft would be my highchair of choice.

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