Boden – My new Favourite Shop

This may come as a big shock to some of you but ….I’ve never actually shopped at Boden before (gasp) No really, never been on the site, even seen a catalogue or been in a store. I’ve obviously heard of Boden, and have seen pictures in the style section of the glossies with Boden clothes I’ve lusted over, but I’ve never actually got around to taking a look at the site for myself.

Well today I did, and I have to say it was a real eyeopener, the current ranges they have are just gorgeous. I am a particularly big fan of the dress and cardigan look, and it seems that most Boden customers are too by the looks of the website. I can’t believe I’ve been wearing one of the Boden signature style’s all this time and didn’t even know it, why did no-one tell me about this place sooner?

My Pick of the dresses has to be the stunning Notch Neck Knit Dress, it is my new lust after item of clothing and I’m not going to be happy until I have one of each colour hanging in my wardrobe! I will also take the Mayfair Wool Jacket, Amazing Heeled Stretch Boots and silk Cashmere¬†Sumptuous¬†scarf which were suggested to complete the look. Well who am I to argue.

Another weakness of mine after Dresses is handbags. In all honesty I only own one as If I bought every one I loved I’d have millions upon millions. This little baby is just up my street, The handheld Tweed Tote. A bit different to the norm, and just look at the lining it’s fabulous. I mused to have a stunning leather bag with the same colour lining, but alas it’s long gone now.

It’s not only me I’m Internet window shopping away for, the young boys section (Mini Boden) is just as pleasing to the eye.

I really adore this Snowboard Hoodie and Snowboard Jacket. Even though I’m not likely to take the boys Snowboarding anytime soon, they will look so adorable on them in the winter weather.

Taking a peak at the wonderful girl’s dresses makes me a tiny bit sad that I don’t have my own little lady to dress up. I do however know that my friends little girl would look like a princess in all of these dresses, and she has a birthday coming up too, so instead of the Saturday’s Barbie I was going to get her I think i’ll indulge her with this little number, The Printed Party Dress. At least I would if I could make up my mind which design I love the most.

Good to know for all us mums out there, is that they do a fabulous maternity range as well. Too late for me I’m afraid but Oh well, If I have any more at least I’ll know where to go now to get some decent maternity jeans.

How could I have only just discovered this amazing store. I think this discovery may do some serious damage to the bank balance!

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