Brightminds Amazing Baby Range

You may already know the Amazing Baby range of wonderful baby books. Well now as well as books you and your baby can enjoy a whole new range of Amazing Baby products with toys like the Pop up Activity ball and Teether Bunny and playmats like the wonderful Crawl and Discover mat.

When Thomas was first born I wanted to get him some books and toys to stimulate him and help keep him entertained. I read that babies like patterns to look at more than plain surfaces, and they also like bright and contrasting colours.

That’s when I found the great Amazing Baby Faces book. Thomas adored this book, and so did his brother Jacob when he came along and the book got passed down.

Remembering how much they both loved that book I just know that as babies they would have got so much out of all of the new Amazing Baby products. So I was so delighted to be asked by Brightminds to review the Pop up Activity ball and the Feel and Learn book from the new range.

Pop Up Activity Ball

Firstly I love that whichever way you hold the ball there’s always something to catch baby’s eye and something to keep them entertained.

The ball comprises of six pieces of different fabric, all with vibrant colours and gorgeous patterns.  The ball makes a lovely chime sound when shook, and there’s some of the the baby favourite crinkly material too in the shape of a fish.

Given the Pop Up balls name there’s got to be a pop up element somewhere, and that’s where the bear who lives in  the top of the ball comes in. He’s got a string attached to the top of his head so he can pop in and out of his hole and surprise unsuspecting youngsters.  There’s also a cute babies face to be found underneath a flap on the side of the ball which will delight babies with Peeka-a-Boo too.

This Ball really does have everything going for it, you’ve got the pop up bear, peek a boo baby, Taggies attached all around (which all babies love), some plastic shaped teethers which clatter together and a little mirror as we all know little ones love looking at themselves!

In summary, the Pop Up Activity Ball is the perfect gift for a newborn baby.

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Feel and Learn Soft Book

Also suitable from birth is the Feel and Learn Soft Book.

Each page features a big picture of a lovable animal like cute purple mouse or furry sheep. Each animal is made of a different material to get baby used to exploring textures and fabrics.

They also have a little bit about each animal on the page like “Splish, Splish Scaly Fish” which your baby will love you reading to them as they enjoy the funny pictures.

Textures teethers on the front of the book and also the  shaped teethers attached on a string give baby something to gnaw on whilst enjoying the visuals.

The Amazing Baby Feel and Learn soft book is another great gift for newborns. Incredibly engaging and enjoyable for the little ones, but small and light making it perfect for popping in the changing bag and keeping baby amused on the go.

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To get these or some of the other wonderful Amazing Baby products visit, perfect gifts for baby’s first Christmas.

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