Britax B Range – B-Dual

This is the last of my four Britax B reviews, and we finish on the big boy of the family the extremely versatile and customisable Britax B-Dual.

From first glance you may dismiss the B-dual as nothing more than a Phil and Teds / Icandy Pear knock off, but you’d be sorely mistaken. The B-Dual has taken the one up one down buggy premise, noticed the shortfalls and worked on them, building themselves a pretty impressive double stroller for their efforts.

First of all the one negative thing I can find to say about it, why doesn’t it come with the two seats included? I know that it can be used as a normal pushchair for one baby, but unless your actively planning your second whilst being pregnant with your first I can’t see any reason to buy the B-Dual over the B-Smart.

Okay now i’ve got that over with, here’s the things that I love about the B-Smart.

When I was pregnant with my second, my youngest Thomas was going to be two when the baby was born. As I don’t drive I’m always walking or taking the bus, so booting Thomas out of the pushchair wasn’t an option. So I had to purchase a double buggy even though I really didn’t want too. As it happens once Thomas was 2 1/2 his little legs were much stronger and he was ready to walk, and rather than push a double tank around with only one baby it meant another new buggy purchase.

You might wonder why i’m telling you all this, well If i’d have had the B-Dual none of that little story would have been a problem. You see as the bottom seat is removable, you can have a lovely double buggy for your newborn and toddler, then once said toddler is big enough to walk you can remove the bottom seat and go back to a normal one seat pushchair.

Now I know that all of this might not seem revolutionary as you can do the same thing with the Phil and Ted’s and a double kit. Well I did look into that, but the idea of putting my baby into a newborn cocoon (or glorified bread tray as I call it) didn’t appeal to me at all. The B-Dual is different because both of the seats are suitable for both baby and toddler, so you can have newborn up top looking at mummy and toddler down below, vice versa, or two newborn babies one in each seat.

Having baby up top is a big plus for me, had the Phil and Ted’s done this I would definitely had got one of those a the time. Another great feature is the reversible front seat, you can either have it facing away from you, or great if you’ve got a newborn, facing towards you.

If baby’s facing towards you it also means that they can see big brother or sister below them, and that their sibling can see them too. Which is a lovely bit of bonding for everybody, and no worrying about kids kicking the baby through the back of the chair. Which is something else I worried about with the Phil and Ted’s, I noticed that the B-Dual has more space between the two seats so this would not be a problem even when you have the seats facing forwards as two toddlers.

Featuring Britax’s new Click and Go technonolgy, the B-Dual will accommodate the Baby Safe Carrycot if you want more of a real pram look, and the Baby Safe SHR car seat.

The Baby-safe car seat and the baby safe plus seat will fit the B-Dual, but you will need some adaptors for those two models.

It’s worth noting too that you can’t have the second seat and the Carrycot on at the same time, but you can have it attached with the Baby Safe SHR.To be honest as both seats lie flat for newborns you don’t really need the carrycot unless your going to be doing a lot of walking with your very newborn baby, as the carrycot is only for the first three months anyway.

Other features of the B-Dual are:

  • Multi Position seat including lay back flat for newborns
  • Simple to use press on / press off foot brake
  • Handy shopping basket which can also be accessed from the zipped front and sides
  • Puncture resistant tyres
  • Adjustable handle height
  • 2 year manufacturers guarantee

I really, really love this pushchair and think that it’s a real god send for all parents of twins or 2 small children. Had this been available when I had two little ones I would have jumped at the chance to own it. It’s everything you could ask for from a double buggy, comfortable, easy to use, and customisable for your families needs.

The B-Dual is available in Neon Black, Aurora Green, Venetian Red and Atomic Denim.

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