Britax B Range – B-Smart

Part three of my look at the new Britax B range of pushchairs, this time up the B-Smart. This is essentially the old Britax Vigour + with a new name and a few new features.

Like the previously reviewed B-Mobile, the B-Smart is available in what Britax describe as a sporty 3 wheeled version or more Urban 4 wheeler. Again the only difference between the two models is the number of wheels and the shape of the front.

Aside from possibly the Double B-Dual which I will get round to reviewing next, I think that the B-Smart is the most newborn focused of the Britax’s new pushchairs. Although they are all suitable from birth, the B-Smart seat feels much more suited to a newborn than the others.

Even without the additional Baby Safe carrycot, your newborn would be comfy and safe in the 5 point harnessed  seat. Obviously the option of adding the Carrycot and Baby Safe SHR Car seat are a great bonus, the Click and Go system works really well, I’m just saying it’s not essential to have them.

The B-Smart seat can be positioned either rear facing so baby is facing outward, or forward facing so baby is facing you. Having baby facing you during those first few months is great, and having eye contact is important for baby’s development too. Changing the seat direction is done really easily by just unlocking the seat and turning it around, You can see on the video at the bottom of the page how easy it is to do.

Like the other Britax B models the B-Smart features the same compact fold system with automatic lock. Which is great for your trying to bundle it in the car boot, as you can be sure it wont suddenly unfold as you try to move it. If you have a smaller boot space just unpop the wheels with one button to make it even more compact.

Here’s a roundup of the other main features:

  • Multi Position seat including lay back flat for newborns
  • Simple to use press on / press off foot brake
  • Handy shopping basket
  • Puncture resistant tyres
  • Adjustable handle height
  • 2 year manufacturers guarantee

It seems that as you go up the price range of the Britax’s, you get more colour options. The B-Smart is available in Neon Black, Aurora Green, Venetian Red and the pictured Atomic Denim.

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