Britax Kidfix – Review

There are a few little everyday pointers that let you know that your once tiny baby is getting to be a big boy – having to buy new school shoes after only one term, getting out last winters pyjamas only to find them looking more like shorts, and going up a size of car seat!

Well all three of these things have happened to me this week, and they just go to show my 3yr old is becoming a very big boy indeed, in fact he tells me every 5 minutes he’s not a baby he’s a “Big Boy “just so I don’t forget.

So when I was offered to test a Britax car seat it couldn’t have come at a better time. Although only 3 Jacob is as I said getting to be a “big boy” and had outgrown his Britax Duo Plus. After checking with the online Britax Fit-Finder we decided to go for the the BRITAX KIDFIX as we wanted another Isofix seat as I think they’re so simple to install and know they’re installed correctly.


The KidFix was incredibly easy to install, the Isofit really makes it a doddle. I had the fitting brackets already in the car from where I took the Duo Plus out so just had to slot the KidFix into the brackets and it was done.  When it’s clipped onto the Isofix bar correctly the red indicators on the side’s turn green and you get a comforting click too. I couldn’t find a manual which I thought was a bit strange, but I assumed as there’s really nothing to it and that the instructional sticker on the side of the seat was all that you got. After fitting it  I then stumbled upon the tray underneath the seat which houses the manual, oh well I didn’t need it anyway :)

You can also fit the seat easily with a three point harness if you need too, like when the boys stay down my mums on the weekend. My mothers car doesn’t have Isofix so I just pop the brackets back up into the seat and fit the KidFix with the seat belt.


We took the boys to my mother in laws on the weekend which is over an hours car journey each way, so this was a great test for the KidFix. Jacob loved his new big boy seat when I first put him in it. He was immediately comfortable and wasn’t at all but bothered about having the normal seat belt over him and not a 5 point harness. The Kidfix has a clip at the top of the seat for the seat belt to go through, and then you need to make sure that the seat belt passes underneath both of the armrests. I was a tiny bit worried that on the first venture out Jacob may have tried messing around with the seat belt, but I needn’t have worried as he didn’t touch it at all.

The ultimate accolade for the KidFix is that he was so comfy he fell asleep on the way home!

Growing with your child

It doesn’t seem like it when you look at it but this car seat will now see Jacob all the way through till his 12th birthday, the KidFix will be his last ever car seat. As he sits in it now he fits perfectly but inevitably over the years he’s going to getting a lot taller, that’s where the Adjustable headrest  will come into play. Over the years as he gets taller so will the KidFix. It’s amazingly simple to adjust too, just pull a lever on the back of the seat and you can move the headrest up and up until it’s in the perfect position.

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If your looking for a new stage 2 -3 Isofix car seat, look no further than the Britax Kidfix. Great value for money and does the job perfectly. Comfy, Washable covers, Adjustable headrest, Multiple recline positions, Simple to install, absolutely everything you could possibly ask for from your child’s car seat.

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