Britax launches new Baby on Board safety awareness campaign

New research commissioned by Britax and undertaken by Loughborough University shows that an astounding 4 out of 5 parents are unaware of the in car safety rules regarding car seats and boosters.

From a survey of 1000 parents, only 20% were aware that their children by law have to use a car seat or booster cushion until the age of 12, or until they reach 1.35 meters tall.

I have to be honest in saying that although I knew that you had to use a car seat or booster, I wasn’t aware that it was until 12. I would probably have said 10 as a guess.

So to help all of us parents get our heads round the rules, Britax have launched a new Facebook app called ‘Baby on Board : Keeping our children safe‘. This short interactive quiz makes you think about where a crash is most likely to happen on your car, and if you know the relevant child car safety law.

The new research also threw up another worrying statistic, the average parent moves their child from a car seat into a booster seat at six years old. That means that from the age of six, most children will have no side impact protection and will be vulnerable in the event of a side collision. Even more worryingly one out of four car accidents are side collisions, and side impact collision account for 20% of all child car fatalities.

As a result of this Britax has decided to discontinue all of their booster cushions, and urge all parents to use high back booster seats instead which do give your valuable child side impact protection.

As well as the safety quiz, there’s also useful information about choosing the best seat for your child’s age, helpful answers to commonly asked questions and a link to the invaluable Britax Fit Finder.

I’ve used the Fit Finder many times over the last few years, and it’s always put my mind at rest that the car seat I choose will be perfect for both my child and my car. Just enter your child’s details and your vehicle details and you will get a list of car seat options which you know will 1) fit in your car properly and 2) be right for your child.

After reading all the information on the site, I’ve decided I’m definitely going to get Thomas one of the High back boosters like the KidFix rather than just a booster cushion. I don’t think it’s worth taking the risk.

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