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Maclaren Yellow Submarine Buggy

Meet Maclaren’s new buggy, The Beatles inspired Yellow Submarine. Possibly designed to tie in with the new 3D remake of the film which is due to be released next year. Or maybe to cash in on the good vibes surrounding the rapidly approaching London 2012 Olympics. Whatever the reason is I love it! This jazzed [...]

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Top 5 Celebrity Pushchairs

If you’re looking to be seen whilst out pushing your little prince or princess, just asking to be stopped X number of times a day and asked where you got your amazing pushchair from, then, yes! – ¬†you’ll need to get yourself one of these five fine show stopping strollers. If your looking to impress [...]

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Maclaren Grand Tour LX

I’ve just seen the new Maclaren Grand Tour LX this morning, and I have to admit after all the hype I’m suitably impressed. Any gadget loving mum or dad will be in complete heaven when they get behind the wheel of this baby, and they literally will be as it has a reversible seat so [...]

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