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Air Wick Odour Detect – Review

Having a busy family running around the house unfortunately usually means a raft of smells lingering around too. Boys running in mud (or worse) after playing football, food smells from the kitchen, or maybe it’s that horrible aroma of wet dog. Whatever it is the new Air Wick Odour Detect will quickly sniff it out [...]

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Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System – Review

After seeing the advert for the No-Touch on television I was initially enthusiastic and definitely put it on my list for the next shopping trip, however after a while I started having a few doubts and so didn’t get around to purchasing one. My main worry was the cost, not of the system but of [...]

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Peppa Pig’s Party Live – Review

Me, Thomas and his schoolfriend Gemma had the pleasure of going to see the Live Show Peppa Pig’s Party last week, and a great time was had by all. It was lovely to see so many younger children, babies even having an amazing time at the theatre. At 5 years old my Thomas is a [...]

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3 things from my kitchen I couldn’t live without

This post has come about after I was asked by Appliances Online (@apponline on Twitter) to write a review of some of my most used kitchen appliances. As you know I don’t usually write about appliances and white goods, so this has come as somewhat of a challenge, but I’m prepared to give it my [...]

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Great Mothers day idea, Greens Cookies with Love – Review

This weekend me and the boys had a lot of fun in the messy fun in the kitchen with Green’s Cookies with Love, which we were sent to review just in time for Mothers day. We’ve had lots of different Green’s cake mixes in the past mostly Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry and Thomas & [...]

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Time Out Pad – Review

I first bought the Time Out pad as we were having a little trouble with the terrible two’s (for little read big) In nursery they were using a traffic light system for bad behaviour, Starting off the day with a green sticker, changing to yellow if a warning was issued, and then red for time [...]

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Slendertone System Abs – Final Review

Well I’ve now come to the end of my 6 week Slendertone Trial – wow how time flies! As you’ll know from my other earlier updates, the Slendertone has been great and I’ve got on with it really well. So after 6 weeks of using the machine it was time for my final results and [...]

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If your like me you’ve got hundreds of gorgeous photos of your children saved onto your computer, and you always mean to find the time to virtually sort through and get the best ones printed out but have never quite got round to it. Well with this amazing new website called you can not [...]

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Slendertone System Abs – Review post #3

Well it’s 3 weeks in, and I’m now halfway through my 6 week Slendertone Trial! Things are going really well thanks for asking Last week we had a bit of a blip as I was extremely busy going to Toy Fair on Tuesday, and was then absolutely knackered for the rest of the week, so [...]

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Slendertone System Abs – Review post #2

So I’ve just finished my first week of the six week Slendertone challenge. Things are going well, using the Slendertone hasn’t bothered fact I’m using it right now whilst I type this. Did the big weigh in this morning and I’ve lost 8lbs!!! I’m really happy, really really happy.  I’m not going to attribute [...]

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