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Slendertone System Abs – Final Review

Well I’ve now come to the end of my 6 week Slendertone Trial – wow how time flies! As you’ll know from my other earlier updates, the Slendertone has been great and I’ve got on with it really well. So after 6 weeks of using the machine it was time for my final results and [...]

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Slendertone System Abs – Review post #3

Well it’s 3 weeks in, and I’m now halfway through my 6 week Slendertone Trial! Things are going really well thanks for asking Last week we had a bit of a blip as I was extremely busy going to Toy Fair on Tuesday, and was then absolutely knackered for the rest of the week, so [...]

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Slendertone System Abs – Review post #2

So I’ve just finished my first week of the six week Slendertone challenge. Things are going well, using the Slendertone hasn’t bothered fact I’m using it right now whilst I type this. Did the big weigh in this morning and I’ve lost 8lbs!!! I’m really happy, really really happy.  I’m not going to attribute [...]

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Slendertone System Abs – Review post #1

New Year, New Body that’s what we all want isn’t it. Well I’ve been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to trial the new Slendertone System Abs for a few months, in the hope that for me this year it might actually happen. I’ll start by confessing that I’m probably not the ideal [...]

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