Chicco Polly Magic High Chair

The new Chicco Polly Magic High Chair is a colourful and comfy chair which will last from your babies first mealtimes up until they are chowing down at 3 years old.

For the smallest babies from birth up until 6 months old, you can use the Polly Magic in the lie back position as a baby chair. Perfect for giving new parents a bit of peace whilst eating their dinner.Trust me finding somewhere safe for your newborn whilst you try to eat is a godsend, I don’t think I had dinner at the table for a few months once our little one was born.

Once babies into the weaning stage and looking forward to getting some real grub, you can turn the Polly into a normal high chair complete with reducer cushion for smaller babies, to make sure baby is always safe and comfy.When baby gets bigger just remove the cushion and you get a bigger seat.

The chair has six different height positions, meaning throughout babies early years you can adjust their chair as they grow.

Once your baby reaches one year old you can remove the meal and play tray which means baby is now sitting up at the table with you, and this seat will then last until your toddler is around 3 years old.

There are various different designs of the Polly Magic available like the Baby sketching, Sea Dreams and Starlette. Each design comes with a different designed set of toys on the attached toy bar, however they all include a teether, rattle and crinkle toy.

Nice little touches by Chicco include the small storage net behind the chair, not that big but enough space for a clean dummy, wipes and some spare bibs.

Also the meal tray comes with a snap on plastic cover which means when baby is playing with toys or playdoh on the tray, you can just take the cover off and the meal tray is clean and ready for use immediately.

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