Dr Brown’s Bottles

My youngest son Jacob was a very colicky baby from day one. He was always sick after his food, always crying and with a hard tummy, so we knew pretty early on that it was colic. Me and my husband were totally unprepared for this as our first baby had never had any colic or tummy problems, we weren’t sure what to do for the best. We tried the gripe water and different formulas to no avail, then at around 2 months someone in my mother and toddler group suggested giving the Dr Browns Baby bottles a try.

These bottles were a complete godsend, a few days later all symptoms of Jacob’s colic were gone and we had a very happy baby all the time and two considerably less stressed out parents.

The Dr Brown bottles are instantly recognisable from other baby bottles once you know what your looking for, if your like me once you start using them you’ll begin to see them everywhere. They have a long valve which goes down into the bottle and this is what makes Dr Browns so special. The valve eliminates air getting into your baby whilst feeding, which means no more colic or sickly baby.

Having extra parts does make the washing and sterilising a bit more fiddly, but it’s the price we had to pay for a happy baby. You get a little pipe cleaner with which to clean the valve, just brush it through the holes whilst cleaning to wash out any remaining milk. Each bottle will have 5 prices including the bottle which will need sterilising every time, which means lots of work whilst your baby is small and having lots of feeds.When baby gets older and you only need 3 bottles a day, the routine gets much easier.

You can get a steriliser especially for the Dr Browns bottles which holds 4 bottles and all the internal parts which sounds like a good idea. The problem is I only found the steriliser when Jacob was 6 months old, so there was no point in me buying it then. I used a Tommie Tippie closer to nature steriliser, which I think was a good match as the closer to nature bottles are chunkier than normal bottles so all the Dr Brown stuff seemed to fit OK.

The main drawback with the Dr Brown bottles is that they are quite pricey, they do however work wonders. I admit that when your buying the bottles before baby comes and you’ve never experienced colic, your not likely to spend the extra on the Dr Browns unless you’ve already been recommended them by a friend or something. However if like me your baby does unexpectedly suffer from colic, you’ll end up shelling out for two different sets of bottles in the end anyway when the problem arises. So my advice is if your looking to buy some bottles before the birth, try and forget the price and consider it proactive action against colic rearing its ugly head. Trust me you’ll thank me for it.

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