Dream Tubes

The other day I mentioned that my youngest son Jacob has just moved from his cot into the cot bed, well we’ve hit a bit of a snag….He keeps falling out.

I placed a mattress and pillows underneath his bed for the first few nights, hoping he would get the hang of staying inside the bed, but it now looks like I’m going to have to do something more permanent.

So I was browsing Amazon looking for bed guard as I thought that was the only option, when I came across the perfect solution Dream Tubes.

Like most good ideas, Dream Tubes are a simple idea but really well implemented. Basically its just a bed sheet with a pocket sewn down each side, into which you add an inflated tube which acts as a bumper and keeps little one inside the bed fast asleep. It reminds me of a bowling alley when your younger and they put the bumpers in the gutter to give you more of a chance against your mum and dad.

The Dream Tubes have worked really well, and we’ve had no bed falling out accidents since we got them.

They are really easy to use, you just put the sheet on as normal and then inflate the tubes and push them inside the pockets, theres nothing else to it.

The great thing is that Dream Tubes are so portable. My lovely mother usually has the boys on the weekend overnight, and she was worried when Jacob stopped using the cot bed what she would do with him. With the Dream Tubes set we can just take off the sheet, fold it up and pop it in the bag to take to grans. It works well transporting it back and for, and my mum finds it easy to use and gives her piece of mind that Jacob will be OK too.

You can get Dream Tubes in two sizes, Cot Bed and Single. Unfortunately I don’t think they do a Double bed version, because I would definitely buy that too.

The one problem I can envisage is when we start potty training Jacob. You only get one sheet with the set, so any night time accidents would be a problem. We have bought one spare bed sheet, but they are nearly as expensive as the full set so have limited ourselves to just one spare.

Jacob loves his new bed and isn’t fazed by the tubes at all, and the best bit for him is that now his beloved Lightning Mcqueen soft toy doesn’t fall out of bed at night.

So now I can be safe in the knowledge that he won’t fall out, and he’s happy his toys won’t. Were all happy!

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