Fisher Price Link A Doos

Having a bit of a clear out of the cupboards upstairs and found some old baby stuff of Jacobs, a few soft toys, baby grows, and his old Fisher Price Play mat. The Play Gym we had was compatible with the Link A Doos System, and it was really great.

Link A Doos are small toys which are interchangeable baby toys, and makes either your compatible High chair, Baby Bouncer or Play Gym easily customised by you to your baby’s needs

With Link A Doos products you will get several plastic rings, and these are where you simply clip on your Link A Doos toy which also has a ring. The main product will always come with a set of toys, but the beauty is that you can purchase different ones separately and mix and match when you want to.

Baby Jacob always really loved the one rattling toy which came with his playmat. It always calmed him down and made him happy whatever the situation. As it was a Link A Doo, I was able to take it everywhere with us, it clipped onto the car seat bar, pushchair bumper bar,just in my handbag ready for emergencies.

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When he got a bit older the rattle didn’t hold as much appeal obviously, however this was easily rectified with a trip to Mothercare. We managed to find this noisy keyring thing with a doorbell and car noises that was right up his street. That’s what I like about the Link A Doos….you don’t have to keep the same early baby toys, you can trade up easily and quickly.

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I found the separate Link A Doos can sometimes be a bit tricky to find online, Ebay used to be your best bet but now the online shops are getting them in slowly. I did however always find a good selection by the baby pram toys in Mothercare and Boots high street stores.

It’s also worth checking if you have a Fisher Price product whether you can use Link A Doos with it. My Play Mat wasn’t Link A Doos branded, but in the pamphlet it mentioned that they fitted it. I had the Fisher Price Playful Puppy Gym but I don’t think it’s available anymore, which is a shame as it was very reasonably priced and probably Jacob’s best loved baby toy.

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