Graco Quattro Duo

Even though it’s something every parent of more than one baby needs, finding the perfect double buggy can seem like an impossible task.

How hard can it be I said to my hubby, My first pushchair was so easy to pick and to be honest I was at pains to change it, but there was no way I could carry on with my trusty Micralite so a double buggy it had to be.

Well I searched website upon website for reviews, trawled high street shops until my feet had blisters upon blisters, choosing a double buggy is hard! Side by side Twin, One behind the other Tandem or one above the other al la Phil and Teds? some are too heavy, some don’t fold easily, some hardly fold at all! It was a tough job.

In the end I plumped for a second hand Mamas and Papas Twin Aria, and I hated it. As soon as my oldest little legs would take the strain he was out and walking and I moved back to a single buggy for the little one.

Had however the new Graco Quattro Duo been out 2 years ago things might have been different. This double buggy has everything that I had been looking for from the Twin Aria, without the shortfalls.

There are two main reasons that I love the Quattro Duo and disliked my Twin Aria, one is the folding mechanism, The Graco has an easy two step fold. It’s so easy that it has the two steps helpfully detailed on the handlebars to help you along. When folded it’s comparable in size to the folded single version Quattro Tour, which is really quite impressive for a double buggy.

The second reason is the great shopping basket feature. I don’t drive so a proper shopping basket is essential for me and all the baby paraphernalia I need to take on the bus with me. The Quattro Duo has a really innovative shopping basket design, in a bid to eliminate the problem of accessing the shopping basket when baby is sleeping in her reclined seat, the back of the basket actually folds down so you can put stuff in and then latch it back up. Amazing! why has no one thought of this before.

Another thing that I really like about the Quattro is all the little added features which make it extra special like, the raincover which covers absolutely all of the pushchair, even the two cupholders on the handle. The little parent handlebag for keys and phone.The footrest on the back seat for when baby grows and wants to sit upright too, and the playtray on the back seat for babies snacks and juice.

The Graco Quattro Duo has one final trick up it’s sleeve, for a double buggy it actually looks quite good. Amazing, I don’t know how they’ve done it! Well done Graco.

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If you like the sound of any of these features  I suggest you watch the video clip below, which demonstrates the Quattro Duo really well.

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