Graco Sweetpeace Newborn Soother Swing

When I was pregnant with my first baby we had a Graco baby swing, we only bought it on a whim because it was selling at an amazing price at our local Toys R Us. A baby swing is one of those non essential baby items you don’t think you really need, but believe me once you’ve used it you won’t regret it.

Thomas was a very clingy baby, and a nightmare sleeper (when I say nightmare I mean it, he just didn’t sleep). For the first two weeks of his life me and my husband were a wreak, sleep deprivation of the highest order.

It was then that we remembered the swing we had bought and just stowed away in the garage. We have quite a small house and so stupidly didn’t make the swing up before baby came as there was nowhere to keep it out of the way.

Once we found the swing and set it up, it was a god send. Thomas would happily swing back and for and we could each get a bit of a rest from the screaming. He initially didn’t go to sleep in it just liked rocking, but after a while he would actually close his eyes and have a little nap. He also started sleeping in the nights a bit better too, so all in all success and I truly loved my Graco swing!

My second baby also loved the swing. Jacob is a totally different baby to Thomas, always a happy disposition, not in the least bit fussy. Jacob would fall asleep within minutes of being in the swing. Graco swing Success number 2.

It’s with this in mind that I advised my newly pregnant friend that she should definitely get a baby swing, as far as I’m concerned they are worth their weight in gold.

The baby swings we saw seem to really have come on leaps and bounds from the one I had only 4 years ago. The one we liked most after seeing it though was the Graco Sweetpeace Newborn Soother. We were both really impressed by the amount of nifty ideas Graco seem to have jammed into this clever machine.

First and foremost it’s a baby swing, however apart from swinging back and forth it swings more naturally from side to side just like you would swing your baby.

You can choose from several different sounds to play through the speaker whilst your baby swings, like a soothing reassuring Heartbeat or falling rain, there’s also more regular sounds like the choice of soft lullaby’s. There is also some more playfull jollier music for when baby’s wide awake and playing with the attached bear toy and bear shaped mirror. There is also the option to plus in your MP3 player if you want to build your baby her own playlist.

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I really liked the fact that the Sweetpeace seat can be detached from the base and used as a stand alone baby rocker. The one problem I had with my old swing was that once I got Thomas asleep in it, you can’t really go upstairs and leave baby alone. With the ability to remove the seat this problem is solved, once baby is asleep just carry the seat with you. The seat unit also houses the vibration feature, so if your baby’s buzzed themselves happily to sleep moving the seat won’t interrupt them.

With the seat being detachable it also means another handy feature, the Sweetpeace base is compatible with most Graco car seats. So if your baby falls asleep in the car on the way home you can just bring the seat in with you and place it onto the base. I think this would work well if baby got unsettled when you stopped the car and was at that sleepy nearly waking phase. Quickly come in, place the car seat on the base and start the rocking and vibration. Your baby would be back asleep in no time.

The bear ears head hugger is especially cute, and the furry edges are soft soft and cosy. You also get a swaddling blanket with the Sweetpeace, which I think is a nice touch. My baby ‘s both loved their swaddling blanket so I think this is a great extra. The blanket has pockets on the front for the five point harness to pass through. So even when swaddled, your baby will be strapped up safely.

As you can see I was quite taken with the Graco Sweetpeace, and would definitely get one if I were to have any more little bundles of joy. My friend is also  going to put it on her baby shower list, she’s hoping her family will get it for her. If not I know she’s going to get one anyway, that’s how taken with it she was.


    I just wondered if you could tell me how to take it apart for cleaning as I bought mine 2nd hand. Thanks.

  • I’m really not sure sorry. Maybe you could contact Graco and see if they have copies of the manual they could send you.

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