Great Mothers day idea, Greens Cookies with Love – Review

This weekend me and the boys had a lot of fun in the messy fun in the kitchen with Green’s Cookies with Love, which we were sent to review just in time for Mothers day.

We’ve had lots of different Green’s cake mixes in the past mostly Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry and Thomas & Friends, but never one of the cookie mixes so this was a first for us.

Almost everything you need to make the cookies is contained in the box, you only need to provide a tiny bit of butter and some water. Thomas was very relieved to find the heart shaped cookie cutter, I think he was under the impression he had to try and make all the cookies heart shaped by hand.

The recipe was really easy to follow, you can even push the instructions out the back of the box to make your own recipe card.

Obviously having boys we then had a fight over who was going to hold the recipe card, they will fight over anything seriously. As everything was so simple, I pretty much sat back and let the boys get on with it, well they were mothers days cookies so I shouldn’t have to make them should I.

The only problem we did come across is that we didn’t give them enough room on the baking tray, and some of our hearts expanded into each other. Mummy however had a cunning plan and got the heart cookie cutter back out while they were still hot, and managed to rescue them.

Both of the boys agreed that the best part was icing the cookies at the end, they both had great fun harnessing their creative side with the blackcurrant icing pen. The beauty of these Cookies with Love is that you can write whatever you want, they are very personal. Being younger both of the boys designed their cookies with smiley faces and squiggles, but as you can see Thomas did manage quite an impressive icing heart on one of them.

It’s also good to know that all Green’s products are made with natural ingredients and no artificial colours too, so no need to worry what’s in the delicious strawberry pink icing.

The finished products might not have looked as picture perfect as the versions on the box, but they did taste mighty fine, and I was a very proud mummy at my boys yummy efforts.

Cookies with Love are available from Asda and Co-op stores for £1.69, and make a perfect activity for the kids and even daddy to make for Mother’s day.

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