I’m in the position now that both of my boys have outgrown needing the high chair at home. I do however still strap my 2 year old in when we go to Starbucks because of all of the hot beverages on the table, and also because it’s so easy to do as they have the Handysitt standing by for just such an occasion.

The Handysitt is essentially a booster seat, but not one of the cheap and plastiky kind. It’s suitable from 6 months old, has the option of 3 or five point harness or a safety bar if you prefer, and full back support. It’s the perfect compact highchair solution. I can see why restaurant’s and cafes like Starbucks like them so much, they save so much floor space.

Well what I didn’t know is that the Handysitt is not just available to the restaurant industry, you can also own your very Handysitt for use in the home and out and about.

There are also many different versions and accessories that you can choose from to customise and add to your baby’s Handysitt experience.

I love the travel bag that you can pick up for the Hanndysitt, as it’s such a great little high chair I imagine that if you eat out often with friends and family that this would be invaluable. I admit that the Handysitt is not the kind of thing that you would take out with you all the time, but if you’ve planned to go out to a restaurant or cafe it would be great to take along with you.

Another great little extra is the Handysitt’s stand alone leg’s. With this relatively inexpensive part you can now use your Handysitt as a stand alone seat. Perfect for using when baby has outgrown the bouncy chair but still needs helps to sit straight whilst playing toys for example, great for having somewhere for baby to sit when travelling to friends or family.

The biggest newest Handysitt product is the Full highchair system. This is the same regular Handysitt, but you also get a proper chair which the Handysitt clips onto with magnets. Once your baby’s not so much of a baby anymore, you can then remove the Handysitt and you just have a normal chair for your toddler to use. Once this has also been outgrown you can use the chair as a step stool.

The main benefit of the Handysitt high chair system is that because you don’t clip it onto the back of another chair, it makes this high chair very good looking. A good choice also if you plan to take your Handysitt out and about with you a lot, as it means you can just clip it back on when you return home.

I wish i’d known about the Handysitt when I first had my little boy as this is┬ásomething I would have bought straight away. It’s one of those baby things that’s an investment rather than the cheapest option, but I feel that the Handysitt is definitely worth it.

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