Healthy Living – Switching to Organic and Wholemeal only

Yes you read right, me and my husband have recently made some big decisions about the state of our families current diet and have decided to go change our eating for the better.

Taking a step back and looking at the way we’ve been eating we both decided something had to change, as a family we weren’t particularly great keeping up the tradition of all eating at the table together, the kids always ate something different to me and my husband anyway (usually chicken nuggets or sausages as they were the only things I knew they would always eat),  plus I’d practically given up on real cooking and me and my husband were living on supermarket ready meals (good yummy M&S ready meals but still not ideal). writing this down makes me a little sad as it looks so bad, but I don’t think we were really that much different from any other normal family with young children, we were just trying to get by saving time and energy after a buy day and with the chicken nugget thing - going for the easy option with picky eaters.

The main constituents of this new way of eating are trying to eat as little processed food as possible, and switching to primarily organic produce and wholegrain goods. I’m also trying to make as much of the food that we eat that I possibly can, as after reading Michael Pollan‘s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma (which I highly recommend if your interested about what your eating) we are trying to follow the 64 rules from his Food Rules book. Food Rules is basically a condensed and easier to read version of The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

Most of the rules are things that we all know already like shop around the outside of the supermarket and not down the middle and have regular mealtimes with all the family together. However one rule has probably stuck with me the most which is rule number 21 “it’s not food if it’s called by the name in every language (Think Big Mac, Cheetos, or Pringles.)

Since adapting our diet to this way of thinking 2 weeks ago I’ve realised how hard it is not to buy things which have a brand name, in fact if I think back to my previous shopping baskets probably 90% of my shop had a brand name on it, everything apart from the fruit and veg. However it’s not only been hard for me it’s also hit the kids pretty hard too. No more of their favourite Kit Kats or Crisps in the house, but It’s not all bad as we’ve been busy making our own sweet treats to fill up the biscuit barrel.

Wholemeal Chocolate Chip cookies, Wholemeal Vanilla Cake, Wholemeal Banana and Lemon cakes, lots and lots of delicious home baked goodies for them to enjoy. Doves Farm Self – Raising Wholemeal Flour has become my very best friend – You would be amazed what you were eating was Wholemeal really!  However Despite loving all the cakes and cookies we’ve been making, trying to explain to a 5 yr old that we can’t have Kit Kat’s anymore is tough.

Hopefully as we get more into it I’ll work out ways of managing my time better, because at the moment it’s still somewhat of a novelty, me seemingly spending my days tied to the kitchen filling the house with gorgeous smells. I’m really enjoying it so far but there is no denying it’s definitely a big time commitment. Not only that but I’ve already spent a pretty penny updating my cookware with lots of little bits of cookware I’ve needed for my new life as domestic goddess, That however is for another blog post…

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