Jackson Reece Herbal Baby Wipes – Review

Ever since my first little boy was a tiny baby I’ve always used the same brand of Ultra Sensitive Baby Wipes. He suffered from terrible nappy rash just after he was born, so I immediately searched out for the gentlest baby wipe around to eradicate the problem. Thankfully the ones I found worked and I’ve used them ever since, with the two babies that’s over 5 years now.

I thought I was totally happy with the wipes I was using, but when I was offered the opportunity to review a totally new type of baby wipe I was intrigued.

Jackson Reece wipes are really something extra special, not only are they just as soft and gentle as the wipes I have been using, they are also organic, Bio-degradable and are the ingredients are 99% vegetable and plant derived. They almost sound too good to be true but they are really that good, even the packaging is degradable! Jackson Reece are the first baby wipe company in the world to use this special degradable packaging.

Apart from the many reasons I’ve already mentioned, I prefer them to my old wipes for three main reasons. Number one is that my old wipes didn’t have any fragrance added to help make them extra gentle, but the Jackson Reece herbal wipes have a lovely fragrance from the Tea tree and Lavender and they don’t make my sons skin react at all.

Secondly they are also available in a flushable toilet pack which is great for my older son. He told me he thought these new wipes were lovely and soft.

With all of these great features like being organic, not tested on animals, allergen free  you would expect to be paying a premium price, but not so. Although they are more expensive than the supermarket own brand wipes, they are still cheaper and have more in a pack than the wipes I’m currently using, so for me they are a winner all round!

And It’s not just me who thinks they are great, They recently won the Gold award at the 2010/11 Mother and Baby Magazine awards for Best Baby Wipe for the second year running. Impressive stuff I think you’ll agree.

Unfortunately they are not available everywhere just yet, you can find them at some Mothercare and Sainsburys stores, and online at They are definitely worth seeking out though if your after a baby wipe which is not only good for baby’s skin but also good for the environment too.

My 3 yr old even commented yesterday when I wiped his hands that the “green wipes” had gone and I was to get some more, I was surprised that he even noticed they were new to be honest I didn’t think he took that much notice, but he obviously did. A speedy order to Amazon was in order to get us some new much needed supplies, hope they hurry up as he keeps telling me off :)

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