Maclaren Grand Tour LX

I’ve just seen the new Maclaren Grand Tour LX this morning, and I have to admit after all the hype I’m suitably impressed.

Any gadget loving mum or dad will be in complete heaven when they get behind the wheel of this baby, and they literally will be as it has a reversible seat so baby faces you as you push.

The GT LX is a real departure from what we’ve come to expect from Maclaren, Plush luxury seats and high tech gadgetry have never really been part of the their style. Apparently this foray into high end luxury was the company’s way of commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Superdreamer, Maclarens first ever travel system.

As you can see things have come along way from the days of the Superdreamer, and all I can say is thank heavens for that! Although to be fair, whilst researching the Superdreamer it seems to be still held in high regard  by former owners and by all accounts was a very good pushchair. I’m just glad that I’m a parent in the times of the Grand Tour rather than the Superdreamer.

There are so many things that I love about the GT LX, like the aforementioned luxury reversible seat and the included soft carry cot for transporting your newborn in style, but my favourite feature has to be the much talked about Dashboard.

The Dashboard console is a stroke of genius, it’s not something that your stroller actually needs but it’s the little touches like this that set the GT LX into a different class. Open up the dashboard console and you will find a built in clock (regular, not digital) a thermometer? and the piece de la resistance a Strollometer.

The Strollometer is basically a built in pedometer which lets you know how far you’ve walked and how long you’ve been walking. So now you can work out how far you have to push your toddler to burn off that Muffin you had at Starbucks. As I said before you don’t really need a dashboard on your buggy, but know you know about it YOU WANT ONE!

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A neat little feature which is being touted as for safety, but is probably just for looking cool is the option to turn on some front headlights. The lights are placed by the front wheels and are activated by a remote control which is mounted on the Dashboard. With their multiple visibility settings, you can have flashing lights, a constant beam of light or flashing red and green.

Another thing I love about the Grand Tour is that it comes fully assembled. Absolutely no fiddling required, That’s got to be a big plus for the Maclaren.

At around £600 the Grand Tour LX isn’t exactly cheap, but then again for a luxury bells and whistles travel system it’s not exactly expensive. When you see the whole range of extras you get with the GT LX I think you’ll feel you’ve got value for money. In the box along with your new pushchair you will get:

  • Bumper Bar
  • Over Handle Organiser Bag
  • Rain Cover
  • Mosquito net
  • Cup and Bottle holder
  • Shopping basket
  • Foot muff
  • Dust Cover for transporting and storing
  • Handy bag for transporting wheels when removed

Nearly all of these would be sold as additional accessories by some other designer pushchair manufacturers, it’s definitely refreshing to see so many items included in the basic package.

As you can see the Maclaren Grand Tour LX is a seriously stylish piece of baby kit. Not everything included is absolutely essential in a pushchair, you may not even ever use the thermometer or flashing red and green headlights. However what you will end up using will be a very well engineered, very good looking, and very desirable stroller.

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