Mamas and Papas Ultima 8 in 1

When I was pregnant with my last little one I was on the look out for a new set of wheels, Pushchair wheels that is. My old Micralite had seen better days, and as every new mum knows we all say were going to reuse the pushchair for our next baby, but when the time comes we can’t help but buy them a new one. I always say Men have cars and gadgets, we have shoes and pushchairs!

I really had my heart set on getting a travel system this time, rather than just a stroller. To me it seems to make more sense, as you usually need a new car seat for the baby anyway. After doing some research I decided that I really wanted to get the Mamas & Papas Ultima 8 in 1, this was my dream pushchair.

The Ultima 8 in 1 is hailed by many parents as the Rolls Royce of Prams, and having tried it out myself I tend to concur. It may not be the cheapest travel system on the market, but you certainly get a lot of bang for your buck.

The Ultima 8 in 1 comes with:

  • your basic seat unit
  • a full size carrycot, that’s bigger than my moses basket
  • Primo Viaggio IP Car seat
  • MPX or X-Cel chassis, depending on which style you prefer
  • Seat Apron
  • Insect Net
  • and the Surefix stand

The main reason the Mamas & Papas Ultima appealed to me was the Surefix stand. Me and my husband do quite a bit of overnight travelling back and for, visiting relatives things like that. Using the carrycot on the Surefix stand seemed to be the answer to our baby sleeping arrangement problems. You can even use the carrycot at home as your newborn baby’s main bed, and do away with getting a moses basket altogether. This feature really appealed to me.

If baby just wants a quick nap or is getting a bit fussy, the carrycot has a clever curved base so you can give baby a slight rock and help her calm down. When you don’t want the carrycot to rock, you use the lockable stabilisers to keep  it stationary.

Another great function of the Surefix stand is it’s ability to accommodate the main seat unit or car seat, ultimately making a nice on the go high chair.

Obviously your not going to want to use this as your main high chair or the fabric would take quite a battering. However if you just need it whilst at a friend or relatives house or whilst travelling, it’s more convenient than packing a high chair.

The covers are also hand washable so you can dab off any light marks, just don’t go giving baby tomato soup or something similar.

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The seat unit looks to be very roomy and comfortable, I love the 5 point floating seat harnesses you get on the M&P’s. The seat can be installed forward or rear facing, which is great when you have a little baby that you just want to coo over all day.

Your included Primo Viaggio IP car seat can be clicked straight onto the Ultima chassis making short trips a doddle, although I wouldn’t leave my baby in there too long.

The only drawback I can see with the Ultima 8 in 1 is it’s size, it is a big bulky monster. Not ugly bulky it looks stunning, just big. I like the fact that it’s so substantial. When I was pushing it round the showroom it didn’t feel tank like at all, in fact it just felt like my  baby would be safe. Never the less you need to consider the amount of boot space you have in your vehicle if your going to purchase one of these.

I will conclude this review with a tale of woe, full of regret, what ifs and empty pockets. I never did get my beloved Mamas and Papas Ultima, even though I fell in love with it in the showroom and begged my husband for hours. He had made his mind up that we needed a double buggy as we already had a 2 and 1/2 year old, and no amount of grovelling was going to change that. I tried to explain that I thought Thomas would be old enough to walk and we wouldn’t really get much use out of the double, but it was no good.

So in the end we went for the Mamas and Papas Twin Aria, which I might add is a lovely pushchair too. As predicted however within a few months Thomas was refusing to use the pushchair and wanting to walk more and more, which is fine but you don’t want to be pushing round a big side by side twin pushchair if you don’t have to so we decided to sell it.

We then went for a Jane Energy with additional Buggyboard attached, which didn’t work as the weight of my son on the flimsy Energy made the buggy fall apart. So we then bought a Britax Beep which was in a word pretty rubbish, and now were onto a Quinny Zapp which I love.

After all the pushchairs we’ve been through now, I just wish i’d stuck to my guns more and we’d bought the Ultima. Even though it might seem like a lot of money for a travel system, if you add up all the pushchairs and extras (car seat, moses basket) I’ve subsequently bought, it suddenly seems like the sensible option.

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