Mamas and Papas Urbo Review

Continuing the slew of wonderfully stylish affordable pushchairs from Mamas and Papas, the Urbo maintains the high standard and quite possibly eclipses the Mylo and Sola in the process.

Whilst the Mylo and Sola both exude a playful nature through their colourful design, the Urbo certainly lives up to its name. This pushchair is urban to the extreme.

From the glittering chiseled aluminium chassis, to the black and contrast grey upholstery being the only colour option, the Urbo is a travel system made for the gritty city streets without a doubt. Even the promotional video on the Mamas and Papas website invokes images of  heavy metal foundries rather than pushchairs. In fact it reminded me of that old 80′s advert for Black Gold coffee, and totally distracted me from the fact that it was actually a pushchair I was looking at.

There’s not even any mention of features or prices, it’s just screams ‘this is the pushchair you need, deal with it!’ Well i’ll do M&P’s job for them and let you know all the very nitty gritty details you need to know about the Urbo.

At the bare basics the Urbo is a shamefully good looking lightweight and compact stroller. Amazingly it’s suitable from birth without any additional accessories needed, thanks to it’s deep reclining and also reversible seat. A large sun shade hood keeps baby just as cool as the Urbo looks, and the leather feel bumper bar keeps even the yummiest of mummy’s hand’s pampered and cushioned whilst pounding the city streets.

Not just a pretty face the Urbo is also very easy to customise into a full travel system with the use of a few extra accessories.

Even though the Urbo is suitable from birth, if your going to be doing a lot of pushing baby around whilst very young I would suggest getting the carrycot as well. Not only will it ensure little one is in a totally lie flat position whilst travelling, it can also be used for overnight sleeping, negating the need for a moses basket and it can come in handy when travelling to friends and family.

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You can also with the help of some trusty adaptors attach either the perennial old faithful Primo Viaggio 0+ car seat or it’s newer and sexier sister the Cybex Aton.

If you choose the Cybex Aton this gives you the perfect opportunity to inject a splash of colour to your urbanised  silver machine, as they come in a range of bright and jolly colours. However you could always keep with the industrial feel of the Urbo and just plump for a Black one, the choice is yours.

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In conclusion the Mamas and Papas Urbo is a striking pushchair that will certainly let you be seen above the crowd, and it also has the features and versatility to back up it’s good looks.

Here’s the promotional video from the Urbo mini-site. Be warned it won’t tell you much about the actual stroller, but might make you want some strong black coffee or possibly want to go an work on an oil rig or something.


    What about suspension??

  • Mamas and Papas praise the “Unique Cantilever Suspension” as big selling point of the Urbo, and it does drive very well. Smooth over bumpy terrain, and easily pushed one handed.

  • It was the 1st thing that caught my eye! and I dont care much for looks when it comes to this stuff…but i LOVE V8s and muscle cars! I know its got absolutely NOTHING to do with this stroller but when I saw it, it was sooo shiny – it reminded me of an awesome 360ci Mopar motor that has all the ‘bling’ with the go!

    So i didnt really care what it did or how good or bad it did it, all i know was that my wife loved it, and i think its awesome and Im sure my son will love it too!

    So we bought it!

    End of story.

  • i’m very keen on getting an Urbo too – but the suspension does worry me. Obviously it feels great on the smooth tiles in the mamas and papas showroom – but has anyone tried it on grass, gravel etc?

  • The suspension isn’t a problem at all, you really don’t need to worry. I have a gravel path next to my house which I need to walk down every day to get anywhere, and the Urbo took it in it’s stride.

    I find that most pushchairs aren’t really that great on grass, but the Urbo was as good as any other’s i’ve tried.

  • Hi There,

    I have just bought the Mamas and Papas Urbo (delivery in a week and a half) and the website says that it is compatible with the “Maxi Cosi Car seat (European model)”.

    I went into my local Halfords and tried out the adaptors with the Maxi Cosi Pebble (the only baby car seat they had in the store) and it didnt fit! Does anyone know which Maxi Cosi car seat the Urbo adaptors fit so that I can buy it online in advance of the delivery of my Urbo? (I need a car seat asap as I am due in 2 weeks and they wont let you leave the hospital unless baby is in a car seat! …And what happens if I go into labour early!?!

  • Hi Noodles mum,

    I’m not exactly sure which Maxi Cosi is supposed to fit as I can’t find that information anywhere. I presume it’s the Maxi Cosi Cabrio-fix as that seems to fit most M&P pushchairs, and is similar to the Cybex Aton which definitely is compatible.

    Personally i’d go for the Cybex Aton over the others as it’s extremely light, and because Cybex are so well respected.

    Whichever one you choose, you’ll need the car seat adaptors from Mamas and Papas, so I would get them ordered now.

    Congratulations on your imminent arrival, and good luck!

  • You need the Aton adapters to use a maxi-cosi carseat on the Urbo. We’ve used our urbo with a maxi-cosi pebble since May 7th

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  • Does the Mumma & Papas URBO have adaptors I can buy that I can use the maxi cosi cabrio capsule in?

  • Sheree Swords : I’m still not sure about which Maxi Cosi the Urbo will fit. I am going to email both Mamas and Papas and Maxi-Cosi today and see if we can get to the bottom of this.

    As Fi Southern says above it will definitely accommodate the Maxi-Cosi Pebble, but I will try and find out which other models fit.

  • Any update on this please? Will the converter sold by M&P – the Cybex Alton) definitely work with the Pebble? Why is their information so vague and confusing??!

  • OK think we’ve got this sorted now, just had confirmation from Mamas and Papas that the Urbo will definately take the Cybex Aton, Primo Viaggio, Graco, Maxi Cosi Cabrio and the Pebble.

    So Andrew your fine with the Pebble :) The adapter kit will work with all of the above car seats.

  • Andrew, the reason the info is so vague is because I beleive that they don’t know themselves.

    I have bought the Urbo and so far think it is a great pram.

    If I was to start again I would definately buy something else that is not made by M&P. This is because they are a complete joke. It took five months to finally get my pram and footmuff and this only after many visits to a store 45 minutes away and numerous phonecalls.
    I had to buy a second footmuff because they could not deliver one to the correct address and then wait 3 weeks, so far, for my refund.

    I bought the carrycot second hand and wished to buy a replacement mattress, I was told the one I asked for was incorrect and I required a more expensive one. I purchased this to find it did not fit. I took this to the store and was told no refund/exchange would be given as the item had been opened. One hour and a pretty heated debate with a shop manager who refused to listen to me later and I eventually walked out with the mattress I asked for in the first place. This fits perfectly.

    Basically, if you want a decent pram and good service go elsewhere.

  • What does it mean “Unique Cantilever Suspension”? How does it compare to the M & P Sola?

  • What are the wheel sizes?

  • I’ve had the mamas and papas urbo for 10 weeks now. The wheel broke after 8 weeks, so took it back and they fixed it in store. But another 2 weeks later the same thing has happen. I’m taking it back tomorrow and demanding a refund. It’s unsafe for my baby! It look very stylish and is lovely to push. However the suspension is rubbish and you telly have to put some strength to tip it up to get up curbs!

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