Mamas & Papas Magic Astro Cradle

This beautiful new interactive bouncy cradle from Mamas and Papas is guaranteed to calm even the fussiest of babies with it’s fantastic musical toys and lights.

Apart from being an extremely comfy seat for your little one, there are literally so many special little features included in this bouncer that will keep baby entertained for hours.

Magic Cards:

All the main features of the system revolve around the use of Magic Cards. These are basically fancy cassette type things which are pre-loaded with all the songs, lights and sounds that the toys on the arch make.

The Magic Astro Cradle comes with either the Jingly Jungle or Musical Fun Magic Card, but don’t worry as you can buy whichever one you don’t get separately and then you can have them both for a bit of variety.

Each Magic Card comes with a new set of toys for the toy arch, which work in conjunction with the songs and sounds on the Magic Card.

You also get another Magic Card included with both sets called MP3 and Lights, which lets the lights do their magic whilst your MP3 player is plugged in.

At the moment these are the only two cards available for purchase but I believe that there will be more available in the future.

Light and sound:

Baby will be enthralled by the LED light’s which dazzle around the middle of the multi positional toy arch. The lights are activated by movement, either baby moving the toys or by little ones hitting the removable kick pad.

The lights also react to the different music being played, either from the magic card or your MP3 player.

The vibrate and bounce functions each have three different speed and vibration settings, perfect for sending little one to sleep when you need them to have a nap.

The different buttons on top of the unit control the vibrate and also the different play modes available depending on which Magic Card you have installed.

With the Jingly Jungle card you get 4 different entertainment modes

  • Learn jungle sounds
  • The Jungle friends
  • Storytime in the Jungle
  • Hear the jungle jukebox

All the different modes incorporate the included toy arch buddies Elsie Elephant, Marvin Monkey and Timmy Tiger.

The musical fun magic card modes are:

  • Listen to acoustic sounds
  • Hear classical symphonies
  • Futuristic synthesised sounds
  • Dance to the musical jukebox

and the included toys are Mr Windy, Miss Keys and Mrs Strings.

The Mamas and Papas Magic Astro Cradle really is the king of the baby bouncers, able to sooth baby to sleep but still have lots to keep baby entertained when their ready to play!

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    I’ve now had one for six months and am currently on my third bouncer. The first one was replaced due to the harness breaking, the second was replaced due to the very weak plastic supports underneath breaking. I think this deserves a low score not only because of this but also because of the price – £130 is alot of money and i would expect this bouncer to last ALOT longer than it has, bear in mind i still have a Mamas aand Papas vibrating chair from 9 years ago which was used by two babies and is still usable. Not recommended – don’t buy.

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