My Top 5 Lightweight Pushchairs

At the moment my current pushchair seems to be slowly biting the dust. We all know the signs don’t we like the wheels magically getting drawn into the wrong direction whilst pushing, wheel lock getting harder and harder to apply, handlebars getting looser, So I think I need to get a new pushchair.

Trouble is my son is nearly 3 and so getting a new pushchair wasn’t really on the radar, this was supposed to be the last one! I’m a non driver and use public transport and my legs to get everywhere, so even though Jacob is walking a lot more now there are lots of times where I absolutely need a pushchair. We’ve just started taking Thomas to school this week, and there’s no way Jacob could manage the walk to his school and back after an exhausting morning at Nursery.

So reluctantly I’m in the market for a new pushchair. Requirements are it must be as lightweight as possible, easy to fold and carry, and most importantly as it will get so much use I can’t afford to get a dirt cheap umbrella fold, it’ll have to be solid and up to the job.

I’ve whittled my list of potential buggy buys down to a top five, in no particular order. Help me decide everyone which Stroller to go for! Let me know in the comments which one you like the best and I’ll do a full review of whichever model I eventually choose.

Mamas and Papas Nuna

Seems to tick all of my boxes. It’s definitely lightweight at 7.3kg, which is only slightly more than my old Micralite Fastfold. The Nuna however overtaken the micralite in the style stakes, it looks ultra futuristic and I love the yellow and grey colour scheme. For a cheaper, less feature filled buggy at least it wont let me down in the school playground with it’s looks.

The extra compact fold means it will fit in the smallest of car boots, and it’s got swivel wheels which I must have. I find they make it so much easier to push.

The Nuna is a real contender, I love it already!

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Quinny Zapp Xtra

Building on the success of the phenomenally popular Quinny Zapp, my current pushchair by the way. Quinny has listened to all of us  mums small quibbles about the Zapp and added everything we wanted into the Xtra.

A reclinable seat now makes the new Zapp suitable from birth. The lack of Recline was never a major problem for me, but it’s a nice to have when little one falls asleep unexpectedly.

With the click of a button you can now have baby facing forwards or facing towards you. The Zapp Xtra also comes with adaptors for attatching a Maxi Cosi car seat.

Last but not least on my Zapp wish list was a shopping basket, and I’m glad to say Quinny listened again and the Zapp Xtra has one of those too. It’s the only thing I really missed from my old pushchairs, so this is a definite plus

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Baby Jogger Micro Jogger

I’ve had my fair share of pushchairs over the past five years, and spent a lot of time researching to find the one that I want. Now I’ll be honest that I’ve never considered getting a Baby Jogger…until now.

The Baby Jogger City Mini Micro Stroller has a lot of good things going for it, apart from it the obvious. It may be great for jogging, but this is something I’m never going to use it for.

The primary reason I’m so interested is because it has a maximum weight of 50lbs / 22.5 kgs. Most pushchairs seem to have a maximum weight of 33lbs / 15kgs. With Jacob being older it means that the max weight is something I have to seriously consider, when you have a tiny newborn 15kgs seems such a long way away, for Jacob it’s not really that far to go.

And saving the best until last it’s the revolutionary quick fold. Now I know all strollers seem to claim their fold is the quickest, easiest and the best, but I think that Baby Jogger can actually back it up. Simply pull up on a strap located inside the seat by the harness and the whole thing just folds up on itself into the most perfect little package. It really is amazing, and I want, want, want one!

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Phil and Teds Smart Buggy

To be honest I’m not so sure about this one, but It does seem to have everything I’m looking for so it’s on the list.

It’s the lightest of all at 7kgs, and takes a maximum child weight of 44lbs / 20kgs so I’m still okay there.

Single action easy compact fold just like I wanted.

I don’t know why but I’m just not feeling the love for some reason.I think it’s the sparse seat. However you can get different seat liners for inside to add a splash of colour and comfort.

I do like the way that it looks but am still not totally sold, but it may grow on me.

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Maxi Cosi Mila

At 7.5 kg this is not the lightest on the list, but still lightweight for a good buggy.

For purely selfish reasons I love the shopping basket. I think a good sized basket is the sign of a good pushchair.

I’m also a big fan of pushchairs which are freestanding when folded, which the Mila is. I only have a very small house with not much storage space, so like to leave the pushchair standing up in the hallway.

The Mila is available in a range of cool and vibrant colours, which makes the Mila seem like a lot of fun. There’s bound to be a colour that takes your fancy.

Can be used from birth, and is compatible with the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix and Maxi-Cosi Pebble if you want to create your own Mila travel system.

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So that’s my top 5 list of Lightweight strollers, and after all that I’m still not sure which one to get. Do let me know in the comments what you think I should do.

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    that, I find the use of the shopping bags I meoitnn above packed with the heaviest items helps counterweight bags on the handles very well.-: Doesn’t recline – I didn’t find this as big a problem as I thought, my daughter sleeps in it without difficulty, but this won’t suit everyone and she would be more comfy if it did recline.-: Straps are only at one height over the shoulders. This wasn’t a problem for our baby who went from the car seat mode into the chair seat at about 6/7 months (did use the baby head rest cushiony thing from a car seat at first) and the straps did adjust in length small enough for her to be safe but I wouldn’t want to have shaken the buggy upside down with her in it. -: The hood is not flimsy so much as it doesn’t click open so it doesn’t stay open properly in windy conditions and I would prefer it if it was bigger in order to shelter more of the baby.-: The rain cover could do with overlapping the sides of the chair more and has inadequate fixings particularly at the feet where there is a tiny bit of Velcro. I have knotted on a bit of shoelace to the Velcro, which I tie in place when needed and this serves but isn’t exactly ideal. -: Bit fiddly swapping in/out the pushchair seat but I only needed to do this twice to swap into and then out of the car seat mode. Note: The centre of gravity on the buggy is quite high if you are used to something different but as long as you use the buggy as intended I have found the buggy very stable and much easier to control and manoeuvre than conventional buggies. It’s also very light (I have to slow down for other mums) so I wonder if perhaps this unsettles some people used to much bigger and heavier buggies.It is perfectly stable and very good at going up and down curbs although going up or down at right angles stops the buggy leaning diagonally because of the 3-wheel configuration. I have never found mine in danger of tipping over but the diagonal angle may unsettle people who are used to their pushchair leaning only forward down a curb. In summary a great little pushchair sturdy, funky, manoeuvrable and packs very small but it doesn’t recline and the shopping bags must be bought separately.GD Star Ratingloading…

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