Peppa Pig’s Party Live – Review

Me, Thomas and his schoolfriend Gemma had the pleasure of going to see the Live Show Peppa Pig’s Party last week, and a great time was had by all.

It was lovely to see so many younger children, babies even having an amazing time at the theatre. At 5 years old my Thomas is a bit of an old hand at these kind of shows, but the little boy behind me was so enthusiastic and squealed so loudly when he saw Peppa it really made me smile.

As the show started I was a bit concerned that Thomas and his friend might be a bit put off by the fact that you can see the puppeteers on the stage with the puppets, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. In fact the fact you can see the puppeteers actions and expressions add so to the characters they are playing, their enthusiasm for the show really shines through.

The basic storyline is that it’s Peppa’s birthday, and her good friends Danny Dog, Emily Elephant, Suzy Sheep and of course little brother George are all having a sleepover and party in the garden to celebrate Peppa’s big day.

Along the way their are a few Daddy Pig disasters like a muddled up birthday cake and an incident involving Grandpa Pig train, but of course everything works out in the end.

The show is full of laughter, some very catchy songs and lots of audience participation. I can’t believe even my very stubborn 5 year old who usually insists he’s too big for joining in with things like this was up and dancing in the aisle at the end!

It really was a great show, and a perfect day out for the little ones.

Peppa Pig Live is on Tour throughout the UK through 2011, Check the website or call 020 7907 7093 for details of a show near you.

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