Pondering Bedroom Redecoration

I’ve been thinking recently about decorating the boys bedroom, since it’s not just Thomas’¬†anymore and it hasn’t been decorated since when it was a nursery.

I don’t mean that theres fluffy bunnies and everything in there, we painted it all a plain green colour and just accessorised it with a lovely Lumpy the purple Heffalump from Disney Winnie the Pooh nursery set. Obviously Lumpy is long gone now, and the walls are covered floor to ceiling with posters of everything from Spiderman to Bob the Builder and every phase Thomas has gone through in between.

Well Thomas is currently on the Pokemon phase so I thought with the two boys moving into one room and the new craze on the scene maybe nows the time for a spot of decorating.

I was thinking of just having a plain colour on the walls again, probably a blue or possibly a different green. Then adding some of those Wall Stickers to the wall by each side of their respective beds.

I’ve used the stikarounds previously on Jacobs nursery wall, and they were really easy to use and looked great. Now that my husband is now using his old nursery as an office again(he got kicked out to make way for Jacob when he came along), we just peeled off the stickers and it’s back to a normal boring home office wall.

I’ve found a lovely Pokemon Duvet set which would be perfect for Thomas, and some Pokemon Stikarounds too with which to complete the look. Jacob has only just had a new Disney/Pixar Cars Duvet set when he moved into his new big boy bed, so I’m thinking some Cars walls stickers would do the job nicely on Jacobs side of the room too.

I like the way that with the Stickarounds they would both be able to have their own identity reflected in their corner of the room, and they are so easy to use they’re great.

Stikarounds also come in an amazing array of different designs and sizes. All characters and scenes for girls and boys can be found.

So now I’ve decided I’ve just got to get all the things ordered, decide on a block colour for the bedroom and then convince my mum to have them both for the weekend so we can get the painting done!

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