Radisson Edwardian’s Bloomsbury Street Hotel Book Bytes

Kids running you ragged this Half Term, can’t wait for bedtime and a bit of peace and quiet, but wait you’ve still got the routine of the bedtime story to get through! Why not give yourself a break and cuddle up with the kids in front of the laptop tonight and let Lucy Anne Holmes do the storytelling.

The Radisson Edwardian Bloomsbury Street Hotel has launched a new series of short films called Book Bytes, where Lucy reads a short snippet  from one of her favourite books.

The latest story is ‘No Hats for Fluzzy’ from the Judy Blume book The Pain and the Great One : Friend or Fiend? It’s the story of a cat who really hates having to wear a hat!

It’s a sweet little funny story and me and the boys enjoyed it. So much so that we’ve watched it 3 times already!

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