Silentnight My First Bed

It was a big moment 2 weeks ago when the delivery man knocked on the door with 2 huge boxes. “What’s that Mummy” said my 4 year old excitedly “Is it for me?” and it was, it was Thomas’ first big boy bed the cleverly titled Silentnight My First Bed.

The situation arose that we had to rush and get Thomas his new bed quicker than anticipated. We’d just come back from a two week family holiday to Florida, where our 26 month old toddler had been sleeping out of a cot for the first time. Well inevitably when we returned home there was no way he was returning back to his cot. He instantly jumped out over the side, and made it known he wouldn’t be staying put when placed back in there.

So we hurriedly had to have a rethink of sleeping arrangements and decided to get Thomas a new full size single, and give Jacob his old cotbed. We also killed two birds with one stone and moved both boys into the same room. So now we have to deal with training Jacob to sleep in his cotbed, and trying to keep the two of them  for getting up at midnight and deciding it’s playtime, but that’s another story.

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We decided to get Thomas the Slientnight My First Bed as it is a full sized single, minimal assembly required and also a little bit quirky and fun. There are 4 different styles to choose from in the My first Bed range, 2 for little boys and 2 more girly choices.  Each different design has a different headboard and adornments for the feet of the bed. Each headboard has a large pocket on the front which your child can use for small items like a favourite book and teddy like my son does.

The different designs are:

Heart –            Pink Divan base with a Heart on the Pink headboard and Fairy Slippers for the feet

Toadstool –    Blue Divan base with a Toadstool on the Pink Headboard and Fairy Slippers for the feet

Football –     Light green Divan base with Goals and a Football on the Headboard with Football boots for the feet

Rocket –     Dark Blue Divan base with a rocket on the dark blue headboard with shiny silver space boots for the feet

We went for the Rocket style bed for Thomas as he’s not really into football yet and I don’t think the toadstool or heart would have gone down very well.

Assembly was really easy, even for my husband!  When you get the Divan base out of the box, you just need to screw on the feet and then the headboard needs to be slotted into place and tightened. That’s it, apart from placing the very cute spaceman boots on the feet at the bottom of the bed.

The included mattress is a very extra comfy Miracoil spring coil version, complete with added Aloe Vera in the cover to help aid children to a restful nights sleep.  I’m not sure the Aloe Vera is exactly working on Thomas, but I think he’s just at that ‘endless bouncing ball of energy’ phase.

The Aloe Vera is not just a bit of a gimmick either, apparently it’s anti bacterial and helps control dust mites too.

We have the regular single version of the bed, but you can get a special sleepover version which has another mattress cleverly hidden inside the divan base. A brilliant idea for when your youngsters got friends coming over to stay.

The Silentnight My First Bed is a exactly what it says on the tin, a great choice of first bed for little ones. The bright colours and fun designs will help the transition into their new big bed as easy as possible, my bet is as soon as they see it you won’t be able to get them out of it!

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