Slendertone System Abs – Review post #3

Well it’s 3 weeks in, and I’m now halfway through my 6 week Slendertone Trial!

Things are going really well thanks for asking :) Last week we had a bit of a blip as I was extremely busy going to Toy Fair on Tuesday, and was then absolutely knackered for the rest of the week, so I only got the Slendertone out 3 times. Never mind, I’m well and truly back in the game now and am really enjoying it (enjoying the results that is).

My diet and Slendertone exercise plan is really starting to pay off, I’m very pleased. I’ve lost a stone in 3 weeks, and an inch and a half off my waist! Apart from those few days last week which weren’t Slendertones fault, It’s been really easy to get into a routine and incorporate Slendertone into my life. In fact after the trial is up I’m really going to miss my Afternoon tummy toning sessions, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep the machine, or I’ll have to nag hubby to buy me one!

Although a bit strange at first I’m now used to the feeling you get whilst using the Slendertone System abs. I started off in slowly and quite liked the tickly sensation I got from the 15-20 setting, Then found it quite a struggle going up to 30 – 50, but after a few days your stomach gets used to getting pushed harder and I’m now up to 75. Although it does feel weird, it’s not real pain just discomfort. The worst part is when you press the button and turn up the setting as it goes a bit mad until you stop adjusting it.

I went shopping in town yesterday for some clothes for the little one, and actually ended up buying something for myself. I was so happy, I never buy anything for myself. Most of the time it’s because I can’t fit into anything and can’t be bothered with the downer that sets me on, but yesterday I walked into Next and walked out with a coat for me, and I don’t mind telling you it felt really good.

Here’s hoping that my next 3 weeks go just as well, I’m not expecting to lose another stone….but another inch off the tum would be nice

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