Summer Slim and Secure Digital Video Monitor

When your talking about must have kit for your newborn, a baby monitor must be right up there with pushchair and cot. In my view the baby monitor is an essential.

As with all electronic gadgetry, the current batch of baby monitors are light years away from the technology I had only 4 years ago. My Tomy Walkabout looks positively prehistoric stacked up against something like the new Summer Slim and Secure Digital Video baby monitor.

Baby monitors with Video capabilities have been around for a few years, but the quality of the video has sometimes been a bit dodgy and some might say pointless. The technology seems to have now been perfected enough and more importantly at the right price, that now having real time pictures of your child streamed back to you in your living room are now a reality.

The Summer Slim and Secure has a 2.5′ colour screen parent unit, approximately the size of a thin mobile phone or pack of cards. With the parent unit in hand you can watch and hear your baby from up to 350 ft away, which is ample range for most people in a normal sized house. There is also a visual LED representation of the sounds, from quiet muffling green to full blown tantrum red.

There is volume and brightness control buttons on the handheld unit. A handy power saving feature is the one touch button which turns the video feed on or off, so you can just have the audio at night whilst your sleeping and then press the button if your baby gets restless and you need to have a check whats happening.

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The video footage is colour , but automatically switches to Black and White Night vision in the evening, so you can carry on keeping an eye on your baby all throughout the night.

If you can get your hands on an extra camera (try Summer Customer Service) you can hook up a maximum of 4 cameras to the one parent monitor unit. The video feed and audio then automatically scans between the different cameras.

Although the parent Handheld ¬†doesn’t come with a base unit it does have a rechargeable battery, that should last approximately 10 hours before it needs charging with the included AC adaptor. The baby camera unit uses the included AC adaptor for power.

Other features included an out of signal indicator, Low battery indicator, Wall anchor for the camera and Handheld unit clip for portability.

Being able to see as well as hear your baby is bound to be a big bonus to a nervous new mum, and the Summer Slim and Secure seems to be the ultimate nursery monitoring system.

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