Super Mario Party

Jacob is still Mario mad! As Mario mad as ever! Absolutely anything he finds with Mario on he has to have to go into his collection. I actually realised today that he wears at least one item of clothing with the Nintendo Seal of quality every day.

His Mario obsession is creating me quite a few problems, such as he only wanted a mario rucksack and water bottle for school which I had to find just after Christmas, and he will only wear clothes with Mario on them, and then once i’ve found them they have to be constantly replaced as he wears them so much. I’m seriously considering buying some spares of his favourite Fire Mario jumper as he’ll be devastated if something happens to it.

Another headache I had recently was his birthday party. We managed to find him a Super Mario Bros birthday cake quite easily, from Asda in fact but party supplies like paper plates and cups were another story. Fortunately he was only 3 and it was a very small party with a few of his nursery friends and so it didn’t really matter so much, although I know he would have loved Mario cups and plates as he went wild over the cake.

As he’ll be four this year and is now in nursery full time, the party will most likely be a much bigger affair this time around and so I decided to organised and get my party planning started with plenty of time before the big day.

During a long google search I happened to stumble upon this great site called, and as soon as the page loaded I knew I had struck the jackpot. This site is an amazing place that features all things Party!

The Super Mario Bros Party supplies they have are fantastic, I especially love the party boxes filled with Mario stickers and tattoos. The Party Pack’s although obviously expensive would make for a truly amazing party, I can’t believe you even get Mario wall stickers included.

There are so many themes available you’ll be spoiled for choice, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Hero Squad, Handy Manny, Justin Bieber party anyone? Theres even another amazing Mario creation in the form of a Mario Kart Wii Party party themed range. I can’t believe they have so much cool stuff.

The best part though is that even though Celebrate Express are  a US company, they offer worldwide shipping and will deliver to the UK in 2-4 days.

Obviously this stuff is not cheap as you have to ship it over from America, but if your looking to give your youngster a unique birthday party they will remember forever I would definately check Celebrate Express out!

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