Parentbuzz – Review

If your like me you’ve got hundreds of gorgeous photos of your children saved onto your computer, and you always mean to find the time to virtually sort through and get the best ones printed out but have never quite got round to it.

Well with this amazing new website called you can not only get a hard copy of some of your most treasured snaps, but you can also use these photos to help teach your little ones to read.

As soon as I was offered the chance you review a book of my very own I very much jumped at the chance with both hands. Thomas is at the age now where he’s really getting into books and incredibly eager to learn to read, any opportunity to fill his quest for reading. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make my book, it only took around 15 minutes and most of that was me trying to narrow down which photos to use. The website interface is very easy intuitive and easy to use and you can choose from a whole host of book titles to make and personalise for example, ┬áMy Daddy or My Hero or even the lovely When it snowed.

I choose to make the My First Holiday book as i knew the boys would love seeing all of our precious holiday memories in their very own reading book. Each book has 10 pages with a photo and text on each, a covering page with a personalised this book belongs to message on it, a closing page with a  collage of all the photos used in the book and then a clever last page featuring two of the most used words on the book to help your child pick out and learn the regularly used words.

On the website you can see a demo of each of the book, which will show you how the books look and gives you ideas of what to include in your book. The demos are good, but you’ll be instantly hooked once you start uploading your own photos and see your own book come to life before your eyes. As well as buying a book for yourself and your children, there’s also an option to purchase gift vouchers for friends or relatives. I think the gift voucher is a wonderful idea and would make for a very thoughtful and well received gift.

All in all our Love 2 Read book is a beautiful reminder of our wonderful first family holiday, something that will be treasured forever. However it is also a really clever learning tool as the boys have loved looking at all the photos and Thomas can already recognise most of the words. It is honestly such a lovely book, I showed my mother who also features in the book as she came on holiday with us and she was nearly in tears.

It’s a learning book and family photo album all rolled into one, and the perfect gift either for your family or for friends.

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